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Artworks from (in order of appearance) Max Hattler, HK; Robert Krawczyk, US; Kaybid, TR; Ehsan Atiq, US; Robert Seidel, DE. Thanks to Hunter Scully for opening clip.


lightStruct @ South Main
Buena Vista, CO
6-10pm DEC 31, 2022
Art After Dark
Vero Beach Museum of Art
Vero Beach, FL
6-8pm DEC 16-17, 2022
Wonderful article by
Melanie Cissone, Between the Cols
Between the Cols
@McNichols Civic Center Building

Denver, CO
6:30-9pm OCT 14, 2022
Current reel

For the love of place: we have an innate ability to habituate our towns, communities and neighborhoods. By taking that love for granted, we run the risk of becoming blind to it.

lightStruct reinvigorates, revitalizes and reveals anew our lived environment, synthesizing digital art and architecture into one-of-a-kind projection exhibitions that build on and increase appreciation of where we live and work.

Clients suggest a project, lightStruct brings the light. Modular at its core, lightStruct mounts exhibitions in any space. A veritable lumberyard of options, an exhibition might start as 2×4 (2 projectors x 4 artists) and grow to 36×36 (36 projectors x 36 artists) to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

lightStruct is a living catalog of immersive experiences. lightStruct’s iterative nature maintains its experimental essence, defending against the banal and expanding the opportunities to enchant. lightStruct generates connections between people and form, idea and place–cultivating a cohesive and enduring sense of community in its wake.

zIntro to lightStruct

lightStuct was founded by Brett Phares, an artist and curator working in immersive art and the built environment. With 20+ years in interactive media, he has created innovative projects for both startups and international brands. He has exhibited internationally, and cofounded the annual immersive art festival Digital Graffiti, named by Smithsonian Magazine as one of top five immersive art experiences in the world.

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