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Between the Cols @Codaworx Summit 2022

McNichols Civic Center Building
Denver, Colorado
October 14th 2022 , 6:30-9 pm

Between the Cols represents the work of nine international artists. In- and outdoors, these works open up different ways to see—not just the digital art and its many possibilities, but Denver’s McNichols Building itself.
Wonderful article by Melanie Cissone on the installation.
Featured art:

1-A Very Large Increase in the Size, Amount, or Importance of Something Over a Very Short Period of Time (2013) by Max Hattler, HK

2-Grid (variation 2) (2021) by Ian Gouldstone, GB

3-Transcendence 115 (2015) by Lia, AT

4-Atmospheric Reach (2021) by Brett Phares, US

5-ADHD (2021) by Jonathan McCabe, AU

6-Reverie (2017) by Luzena Adams, AU

7-Bubble Sort (2021) by Joel Swanson