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MIT-HMS Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp

Me as an eager student type preparing to enter Harvard Medical School.

Top three takeaways from Bootcamp last week:

#1 The bootcamp proved to be a great way to dust off my startup experience and make room for new ones. The four courses required of bootcampers (User Innovation and Disciplined Entrepreneur 101, 102 and 103) helped not just frame the week with a common vocabulary but increase my appreciation of primary market research and the discovery of itches needing a scratch.

#2 The persistent strength in keeping things simple.

#3 The people you meet and connect with. Still so jazzed by everyone I had met.

[IG gallery]

It was a busy week and the notion of having friends and family follow me on Instagram was hopeful at best. The week was back to back lectures and deliverables, and focused my intent completely (the pics above taken by my new friends and colleagues). I’m preparing to reveal a product I’ve been struggling with to introduce to healthcare–the bootcamp helped me tremendously in refining the offering and cajoling me to get it out there.

Thanks to my teammates, cohort, coaches, administrators and innocent bystanders alike for making it a week to remember.

Team SoulPatch accepting their certificates of completion.