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MIT-HMS Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp


Top three takeaways from Bootcamp last week (plus those goals I had hoped to meet):

#1 The bootcamp proved to be a great way to dust off my startup experience and make room for new ones. The four courses required of bootcampers (User Innovation and Disciplined Entrepreneur 101, 102 and 103) helped not just frame the week with a common vocabulary but increase my appreciation of primary market research and the discovery of itches needing a scratch.

#2 The strength in keeping things simple.

#3 The people you meet and connect with. Still so jazzed by the week,

I’m preparing to reveal a product I’ve been struggling with to introduce to healthcare. The bootcamp helped me refine the offering and cajole me into finally doing it. This won’t be the last comment on the week. Except to say, it was a busy week, the notion of helping friends and facility follow me by Instagram was hopeful at best. The week was back to back lectures and deliverables, and knowing my brain even better, not so flexible to leave a focus for the briefest of moments to take a pic and post it with success.


[Prior to Bootcamp]

Recently I was accepted into MIT and Harvard Medical School’s Healthcare Innovation Bootcamp, August 12-17, 2018. This healthcare-specific bootcamp brings me and my backgrounds in art and technology to help those bed-bound in hospital or hospice with beautiful and responsive environments, both physical and virtual. I’ve been pursuing this area over the last year and this Bootcamp would provide invaluable feedback, connections and advice to take it to the next level.   

Any and all support is welcome. I will share my experiences on Instagram to bring you along for the ride. Everyone who supported me will receive some of my art as Thank You. 
Last fall I participated in the VR Hackathon at MIT’s Media Lab (OpenTerrain screencast). The experience upended me, revealing how curious and creative I can be in the company of a new generation of leaders, and how timely and worthy my ideas are in HealthTech.  

I want these experiences to continue. I have found that when I work with equally open, audacious and smart people, beautiful and unanticipated results occur. I also want to advance the project that came out of the VR Hackathon through the Bootcamp, and gain insight in how to move forward with increased confidence and sound strategies. 
Thank you for your time and consideration. Don’t hesitate with questions. And yes, I will be in touch.  
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